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A woman and a blind man, sitting on a bench in a park.



IKONN Accessibility System

The IKONN Accessibility System is a family of products specifically designed to support accessibility for people with reduced vision in an attractive high-quality design, making them suitable for use by everyone. All products in the range feature large, crystal clear, high-visibility screens.

When combined with the IKONN Controller, each product is able to provide information in native language audio in a wide range of languages and voices allowing fully sighted and low-vision users to collaborate. In addition to their modern, thoughtful, user-centric design, the expanding range of products are all available at prices which make them financially accessible for everyone as well!

The IKONN Controller from the front.


Makes any compatible everyday product accessible.

Elegant and practical design. Fits in your hand and pocket.

Supports many languages for a seamless experience anywhere.

We offer a wide range of products and work hard to expand it further.

Compatible products

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