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All-in-one remote controller

The IKONN Controller is designed to create enhanced accessibility and greater independence for people with reduced vision. With a rich palette of in-built functionality including timers, alarms and voice memos, it connects to plug-in sensors such as a colour reader and functions as a remote control for a wide range of appliances, including scales, thermometers and more. A multilingual audio-menu interface, combined with comfortable, tactile buttons provides intuitive control.

The IKONN Controller from the front.

Compatible products

The Kitchen Scale from the front.

Kitchen Scale

The Bathroom Scale from the front.

Bathroom Scale

The Kitchen Thermometer from the front.

Kitchen Thermometer

The Indoor Thermometer from the front.

Indoor Thermometer

The Tape Measure from the front.

Tape Measure

The Color Sensor from the front.

Color Sensor

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