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An old woman and a young woman using the tape measure together.

Tape Measure
IKONN | MT - 1

IKONN MT-1 is a digital tape measure with a large, high-visibility screen and retractable, reversible tape providing both cm and inch scales. With long length and high precision, the MT-1 can be used for everyday measurements, knitting, sewing, hobby woodworking and more. A built-in circumference function allows for easy body measurements.



1mm resolution

Circumference measurement function

Units of measure

Rechargeable battery

150 cm/ 60 inch

150 cm/60 inch length

Large high-contrast display

Battery: Li-Ion rechargeable (USB-C charging cable included)
Dimensions: 85 mm x 81 mm x 26 mm
Weight: 68 g


Take measurement:

Long press the ‘M’ button for 2 seconds to switch between the measurement units. Pull out the tape and measure object`s length, circumference etc. Measure from the joint between the tape and buckle back to the point where the tape enters the device enclosure.

When measuring the circumference, please insert and lock the buckle into the tape slot, then long press the retract button to ensure that the tape fits the object`s measurement part. After completing circumference measurement, press the eject button of the tape to unlock the buckle.

A man, taking his body measurements, using the tape measure and the IKONN controller.

Additional benefits when pairing
it with the IKONN Controller

This tape measure features the ability to connect with the IKONN Controller which can provide audio feedback in your chosen language. The system is intended to support users unable to view the screen for any reason.

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