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The kitchen scale on a table.

Kitchen Scale IKONN | SK - 1

IKONN SK-1 is a digital kitchen scale for the whole family, combining functionality, accessibility with a high-contrast display and stylish design. With high precision sensors, 5 kg capacity and multiple units of measure, recipe preparation becomes easy for everyone.


Illustration of a weight for a scale.

5 kg/11 lb

5 kg/11lb capacity


Measures in 4 different units


Illustration of a star.
Illustration of a star.


Stainless steel platform

Large high-contrast screen

Tactile buttons

Precision: 1 g/0.1 oz

Batteries: 3 x 1.5 V AAA

Dimensions: 218 mm x 188 mm x 18 mm

Weight: 376 g


How to turn on & use it:

Place the scale on a hard, level and flat surface. Gently touch the Power/Tare button to activate the scale. Wait until the display shows ‘0’. Place the item that you wish to weigh on the scale. The LCD display will now show the weight of the item.

How to change the units:

With the scale turned on, press the Measurement/Unit button repeatedly to select the desired unit of measurement until it is shown on the display. The scale supports switching between grams and pounds/ ounces in weight mode, and fluid ounces and millilitres in volume mode.


The order in which the units change with each button press is:

grams -> millilitres of milk -> pounds/ ounces -> fluid ounces of milk

Tare function:

Tare function allows you to weigh a second item immediately after weighing the first one, without having to remove the latter from the scale. This is useful if you wish to measure something inside a bowl or container.

A grandma and her granddauchter using the kitchen scale and IKONN controller while cooking together.

Additional benefits when pairing

it with the IKONN Controller

Compatibility with the IKONN Accessibility System provides straightforward native-audio feedback for people with reduced vision and adds the ability to measure volumes of many common ingredients such as sugar, flour, rice and olive oil.

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