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An old lady using the IKONN Controller.

IKONN Controller

The IKONN Controller is a handheld audio-based digital product. With a rich palette of built-in functionality including date/time, timers, alarms and voice memos, IKONN can connect to plug-in sensors such as a colour reader, and functions as a remote control for a wide range of household appliances, including scales, thermometers and more.

An audio-menu interface and comfortable, tactile buttons provide accessible, intuitive interaction. An extensive, built-in audio help function provides clear instructions for each product.

The IKONN Controller pointed at the indoor thermometer.

The temperature is
23 degrees.

The IKONN Update app (currently iOS) allows you to change the language or voice on your Controller and keeps it updated with the latest functionality and support for new products.


The IKONN Update App.

Voice memos

Clock and date;
imers and alarms

USB-C charging;
cable included



Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Greek (more in development) 
Audio: 3.5 mm jack + speaker
Dimensions: 123 mm x 63 mm x 17 mm
Weight: 78 g
Battery: 3.7 V Li-Ion rechargeable

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