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A blind old lady using the color sensor to sort her laundry.

Colour and Light Sensor IKONN | CS - 1

The IKONN CS-1, a colour and light sensor for the IKONN Controller, can be used to identify colours and shades. Measure colours of papers, clothes, etc. It can switch between solid and textured surfaces, enhancing accuracy and detects many colours and shades. Sweep across surfaces for colour breakdown, perfect for patterned items. It can also function as a light sensor, detecting any lights that have been left on.

The IKONN controller.
The color sensor.

The IKONN CS-1 is a colour and light sensor which plugs into the IKONN Controller. Use it to measure colour of papers, clothes or anything else. The sensor features a switchable mode between solid and textured surfaces, dramatically improving the accuracy of colour readings. The CS-1 can differentiate between some 14 colours and within each colour can further differentiate between 5 shades from very dark to very light.

The sensor also features the ability to sweep across a surface providing a breakdown of the colours in the region – ideal for finding that patterned tablecloth or dress!

Finally, the CS-1 also features a light-level sensor which can be used to detect light or dark levels in a room – use it to find a window or detect that light that was left on unintentionally.


Dimensions: 44 mm x 42 mm x 16 mm
Weight: 25 g
Colour differentiation: 14 colours
Differentiation of colour tones: 5 colour tones

A blind old lady using the color sensor to find the right shirt in her wardrobe.

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