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The bathroom scale on a bathroom floor.

Bathroom Scale IKONN | SB - 1

IKONN SB-1 is a digital family bathroom scale with a large, stable high-strength steel and tempered glass platform and high capacity. It features a high-contrast display and visually appealing design. Simply step on to the scale to measure your weight.


Illustration of a weight for a scale.

250 kg/ 550 lb

250 kg/550lb capacity


Measures in 3 different units

Illustration of a star.


Illustration of a star.

Glass platform

Large high-contrast screen

Precision: 100 g/0.2 lb

Batteries: 3 x 1.5 V AAA

Dimensions: 330 mm x 300 mm x 26 mm (13” x 12” x 1”)

Weight: 1.34 kg


Take measurement:

Place the scale on a hard, level and flat surface. Press down on the centre of the platform lightly with your foot to initialize the measurement and lift your foot off. From now on you can step on the scale directly and the weight will display. During weighing, stay still on the platform as indications will be flashing on the display.  Wait for the indications to stop flashing. Your weight will be displayed for about 10 seconds, and then the unit will switch off automatically. 

Change measuring unit:

To switch between weighing units, press the ‘UNIT’ button placed on the back of the scale. You may continue to press the button to choose between kilograms, pounds and stone. 

A hand, holding the IKONN Controller near the bathroom scale.

Additional benefits when pairing
it with the IKONN Controller

In combination with the IKONN Controller, it can provide weight measurements in native language audio and adds the ability to provide BMI measurement.

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